Are Poker Bots taking over Togel?



Poker bots are becoming more popular as people try and gain an edge on the game. The bots have been around for years but haven’t really been taken seriously until recently. Most of what’s out there is still garbage and require you do a ton of your own programming to get them up and running. But they have been improving since they first showed up on the scene, and some observers were beginning to think that they were better than live players.


That theory was put to the test last July when pro poker players Phil Laak and Ali Eslami took on the bot in a battle of abilities. After 500 hands, the players beat the bot by $570. That result was similar to tests done earlier, showing that the bot is not quite up to human ability yet. If it can’t beat Phil Laak, it’s not gonna make you a lot of money.


Vegas Venetian Hotel Earns Top Honors with First AAA Five Diamond


The AAA (American Automobile Association) has completed inspections of over 60,000 hotels and resorts and the 2007 results are in. The Venetian has entered a class that represents only 0.27 percent of the hotels in the hospitality industry throughout North America and the Caribbean, by earning their first AAA Five Diamond Award for 2008. The Five Diamond Award is given only to establishments that show the ultimate in service and sophistication.


To win the award the Venetian had to undergo an inspection from 65 full-time inspectors annually. No other system for ranking comes anywhere near the scrutiny of the AAA Diamond Rating System. The Venetian joins four other Vegas casinos – Bellagio, Four Seasons Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas and Skylofts at the MGM Grand – which also have AAA Five Diamond status. Making this list puts the Venetian on a small list of the best places to stay in Vegas, and that’s impressive.


Harrah’s Announces Dates for 2008 WSOP


Harrah’s has announced that the 2008 WSOP will take place from May 30 through July 17. The schedule of events is still in the planning stages but the dates are confirmed, and reflect pretty much the same schedule as last year. Apparently the time slot worked well now that the coverage of the event wasn’t competing with big sporting events anymore.


They will open up a few days earlier on May 26 for two special events and an opportunity for players to register early for events. Harrah’s has improved the event every year and intends to do so again in 2008. Consideration for events overlapping will be factored in this year so that players are able to play in more events, even if they go deep in another event.


They’re likely to be marketing the $50,000 HORSE event more this year. We can also expect lots of $1500 events, as they attract so many amateur players.


Mobile Gambling: How Far We’ve Come


In the late 90s if I wanted to place a bet with my bookie while I was on vacation in Monaco I’d use my cell phone. The main problem though was a payment method. Sure I could use my credit card but I wasn’t too happy to give this  information over insecure lines. I didn’t even want my bookie to have this information!

All this began to change when cellular phones became equipped with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol). Then came Java, an easy programming language that enabled poker, bingo and roulette to be played on mobile phones. Eventually commerce caught up, in the form of transmitting money with Togel mobile phones. This takes us consumers to the near fututre, and a market place that analysts value at US$20 billion by 2010. The best part now is when I am in St. Tropez and i need to place a winning bet, I don’t have to trust Lenny, my bookie in San Fransisco, with my credit card info.


Bodog Poker Celebrates One-Billionth Hand


The Bodog Poker room will be celebrating its One Billionth Hand some time this month. In only three years the room has achieved this milestone occasion, and they are planning on celebrating it in a big way. Every day from Nov 5 to 26 Bodog Poker will be giving away $50 to ten players a day. The remaining $12,000 will be given to the player who wins the billionth hand, in the form of $1000 per month for a year.


Players at the table of the big hand will split $10,000, and there will be increasing giveaways after the 980,000,000th hand has been played. The prizes will be given away every five million hands until the billionth. Players involved in those hands will get $109 worth of tournament credits, which include the weekly $100,000 Guaranteed and Player’s Choice qualifiers. Those events can get you into a WPT or EPT event in the future.



Useful Tips in a Agen Bola Casino



Never place any kinds of bets that will require a player to place or bet extra money. A player will find the jackpot side bets showing at a blackjack game, Caribbean Stud, and as well as other games. These side bets will often place the casino on 25% edge. In a specific game wherein it requires around 60 to 100 decisions for every hour, the average expected loses is around $15 dollars to $25 dollars every hour. If a player will play a game without the side bet, this expected lose will be much lower.


In a negative expectation type of games, it is advisable for a player to slow down. Remember that playing a fast paced game will always place the casino in an advantage position. A player should always see casino gambling just like riding a bicycle, were in going fast will just make your legs cramp while going slow may take some time but it will ensure the rider to get to its destination.


With regards to giving tips always remember to tip excellent dealers for their great dealing. Never ever place any complaints to the dealer when ever you are losing because it is not the dealers fault anyways.


A player should always have enough money that will last to the number of hours that one intends to play. Remember to take advantage of the promotions or freebies that a particular game offers but never play a game that is more than a player intends to play.


Never borrow cash or money from friends or co players if you already exceeded the amount of money that you intend to play Agen Bola. This also goes out the same thing with cash advances from credit cards. These methods will just drown you to debt. This is because the money that you borrowed will have an interest which is not practical at all.


It would be much better for a player to stop and call it a day rather than forcing one self to play even though the said player is already broke.


Self discipline is very essential when it comes to playing in a casino. One should learn when to play slowly as well as to stop when it is needed. These are just some things that a player should always consider whenever playing. Everyone should make it a habit to practice self discipline and responsibility at all times. A player should always be smart in the game.



Bagaimana Menjadi Kaya Togel Singapore Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia



Saya Ingin Menjadi Kaya Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia? Tanya Bagaimana Caranya!

Anda mungkin sering bertanya, bisakah saya menjadi kaya melalui taruhan bola di agen bola Indonesia? Sayangnya taruhan bola tidak bisa membuat Anda kaya dengan cepat. Tetapi kami akan memberikan panduan yang bisa membuat taruhan Anda memiliki persentase kemenangan yang lebih tinggi.


Target Kemenangan Sebelum Bermain Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia

Sebelum Anda ingin menjadi kaya melalui Agen Bola Indonesia, ada baiknya jika Anda membuat target kemenangan terlebih dahulu, bisa per dua minggu atau per satu bulan.

Target ini dibuat untuk menjadi motivasi Anda tiap bulannya dalam bermain. Apakah Anda bisa mencapai target tersebut atau tidak


Modal dan Manajemen Keuangan Anda Saat Mendaftarkan Diri Di Agen Bola Indonesia

Benar, ingatlah untuk memiliki modal dari dana Anda sendiri, bukan melalui pinjaman atau dana investasi orang lain sehingga jika Anda tidak mencapai target kemenangan, Anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi akan pengembalian dana yang Anda pinjam. Dan jangan lupa untuk mengatur keuangan Anda secara baik. Seperti saat Anda membuka usaha, dana yang masuk dan keluar harus ada catatannya supaya bisa dipelajari dan diingat kembali.


Pelajari peraturan dan jenis permainannya

Jangan lupa jika anda ingin menjadi kaya melalui Agen Bola Indonesia, Anda juga harus ahli dalam bidang taruhan tersebut, seperti mempelajari peraturan pertandingan yang ada dan juga jenis-jenis permainan yang tersedia oleh agen bola Indonesia tersebut.

Jika ada hal yang kurang dipahami Anda bisa selalu bertanya ke agen bola Indonesia seperti agen bola homebet88 yang akan senantiasa melayani Anda dalam 24 jam.


Pentingnya pengetahuan atas nilai taruhan

Di tiap pertandingan akan tersedia odd-odd yang akan berubah setiap saat. Anda harus jeli dalam melihat perubahan odd-odd tersebut. Apakah memang sesuai dengan perkiraan Anda atau tidak. Jika tidak sesuai, Anda harus mencari info lainnya lagi sebelum Anda melakukan taruhan di Agen Bola Indonesia.


Pelajari target liga yang ingin Anda mainkan

Ada banyaknya liga dan partai-partai yang telah disediakan oleh Agen Bola Indonesia, untuk awalnya kami sangat sarankan untuk hanya bermain di 1 liga saja. Pelajarilah liga tersebut dan juga carilah informasi-informasi yang terkait akan tim yang akan bertanding.


Disiplin, sabar dan jangan emosi

Kebanyakan orang bisa karena terbiasa, perbanyak latihan Anda dalam mencari informasi dan cara bermain yang akan Anda lakukan. Dalam taruhan bola di agen bola Indonesia Anda harus disiplin, sabar dan jangan terlalu cepat emosi. Anggaplah Anda sedang bermain saham ataupun forex, dimana hal ini juga tidak terlalu berbeda dengan taruhan bola. Bersabarlah karena hal ini harus dilakukan dalam jangka panjang seperti Anda sedang melakukan investasi jangka panjang.


Jangan bertaruh sewaktu Anda sedang mabuk Togel Singapore ataupun letih

Ini dapat dipastikan Anda akan kalah. Ingatlah, setelah Anda melakukan taruhan di agen bola Indonesia maka taruhan tersebut tidak dapat dibatalkan lagi. Anda harus jeli dan fokus sewaktu melakukan taruhan agar tidak terjadi kesalahan dan biasanya kesalahan yang terjadi adalah kesalahan fatal yang tidak bisa diperbaiki lagi.


Carilah agen bola Indonesia yang tepat

Jika Anda belum menjadi member maka kami sarankan untuk segera mendaftarkan diri. Karena agen bola Indonesia tersebut merupakan agen bola yang handal dan jujur kepada member-membernya. Adapun fasilitas tersedia yang menguntungkan untuk Anda adalah adanya prediksi yang akan diberikan secara cuma-cuma kepada Anda. Anda bisa mendapatkan informasi secara cepat melalui prediksi yang diberikan dan bisa segera Anda bandingkan dengan informasi yang Anda cari.


Bagaimana Menjadi Kaya Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia


Ingatlah yang paling penting adalah jangan melakukan taruhan melebihi dana yang Anda sediakan. Setiap permainan tetap akan ada kalah menangnya, seperti investasi saham dan forex yang tidak akan selalu menang setiap harinya. Bersabarlah, tetap belajar dan kesuksesan akan datang kepada Anda tanpa Anda sadari.