Late Night 8g88


Coach left and despite having his low A2 cracked in an 8g88 game, he fared very well. After a few folks left, it was shorthanded… and that’s when it can get ugly.

The Late Night Players:

Seat 1: Swish

Seat 2: Ferrari

Seat 3: James

Seat 4: Pauly

12:23pm EST… Ferrari suggested we bump up to $3-6 hold’em. Normally we play $2-4. He slowly made a comeback after being down a severe amount. I only saw him rebuy once prior to last night, but he had to dig deep a few times. Alas, he chipped away at his losses and slowly built back up his stack. Swish was into me for $200. I had given him that much in chips on multiple rebuys. And that amount went as high as $290!! But he made a decent run as well and it looked like he was going to break even after he took down a huge pot from Ferrari. Swish smooth called AK preflop and of course by fourth street he had a full boat with two kings and an Ace out there. Ferrari caught a nut flush but it wasn’t enough to win. That seemed to be the story for Ferrari all night. He got excellent cards, but almost always ended up with the second best hand, which was why he had to rebuy a few times.

12:55pm EST… Ferrari was jamming the pot with KK and of course with 10-7o Swish called him down all the way to the river and caught runner runner for a flush! It was insane. I never saw someone catch so many river cards at the Blue Parrot… than Swish.

1:29pm EST… It was pouring outside with a severe thunderstorm. We all wondered if we could catch a rare lightning bolt strike the Empire State building. I told Haley we’d hang out by 2am. Alas, the guys wtill wanted to play and the Kings-T’wolves game went into OT so I hung around. The last hand of the night was Seven card stud with Dueces Wild. And Ferrari took down a monster pot with a Royal Straight Flush heads up with Swish, who had just a flush. That was a huge pot for Ferrari, who took easily $100 off of Swish in that hand, and alas, he finally broke even! It was an impressive run and Ferrari hung in there, knowing that he played well all night, but the cards didn’t fall his way. He was down $240 at one point and stormed back. I counted my chips and cashed out. I went with Swish to an ATM in the 24 hour deli downstairs (you gotta love NYC) and he paid me back the $185 he owed me from his various rebuys all night. By the time I finally got out of there… it was well past 2am and by the time I got a subway uptown, I didn’t see Haley until almost 3am!