Rock, Scissors–Wait-a-sec and let me check my game slot penghasil uang bill–Paper!


I played in the $500 Roshambo event this morning, and man was that a blast. Phil Gordon rallied 64 troops to enter his informal WSOP event to raise money for the Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation. When I got to the scene, I was surprised at how many pros were there. Joe Hachem, Gavin Smith, Annie Duke, Carlos Mortensen, Clownie Gowen, Tony G, The Grinder — and the list goes on. I had been studying a plan, but when I got there, my opponent said he was going to use the “Bowler” method. I asked Gavin what that was, and he told me not to mind that guy at all. He then took me immediately to Annie Duke and had her explain her “Dollar Bill Method”.

To make the strategy more random, so that no one can guess your betting pattern, you use the numbers off the dollar bill to determine what hand you’re going to throw next.

I creamed the first guy with it, and then got beat by an impatient player in the next round. I watched Phil Laak consult some green while he was playing, too.

Annie, who was using a new random number generator to select her next move ended up winning the event. She took a cool $10,000 after her beating Marc Goodwin 5-0 with seven hands, four of which were scissors. It was Scissors vs. Paper that won it in the end. March got $7k and immediately offered $1,000 back to the Bad Beat on Cancer efforts. Third place was a guy named Tim Beagly (sp?) won $5k, and fourth place went to Mike Micon of game slot penghasil uang for $3k. In addition to the $25k prize pool, they put $7k towards the charity.

Big thanks to Phil Gordon for putting together such a great event. It was a blast and great to see the pros having a laugh while contributing to an important cause.

Be Careful What You Ask

Knowing my past life as the gossip columnist for Bluff Magazine, Kenna James shouted out to me from his table, “If you and I hooked up, who would write about it?”

I shouted back, so that all could hear, “Your wife.”

His tablemates are now my biggest fans.

There are Mistakes and then there are Mistakes

I am not saying that hundreds of seasoned, professional dealers have left the WSOP ranks this year. I am not saying that good dealers don’t make mistakes and that new dealers should learn their chops somewhere besides the World Series. Oh wait! That is what I am saying.

Here is a mistake and it was only a mistake, I witnessed in today’s $1500 NLHE event.

First the simple mistake: the turn card was turned before the betting action on the flop had been completed. Quite frankly this is a simple mistake, however

Weeekend Tourney sanghoki Wrap up!


Pocket pairs play in the Sunday $20,000 guaranteed.

Talk about overlay! The value in our Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed continues to amaze me, this week with only 286 starters you got a starting EV of nearly $70 for your $60 buy-in.

Paying 30 places if you make the money your EV goes up to over $650, with such small fields thats great value.

Todays tournament came down to two regular players, sanghoki and thxalot and at heads up it

thefrenchies held the chip lead an was able to capitalise when thxalot tried to make a move. After thefrenchies raised from the small blind thxalot put all his chips in the middle. thefrenchies thought for a while and made the big call, flipping up pocket 5’s to put him ahead of the all-in reraiser thxalot with his king-4 offsuit. Needing kings to get ahead the flop made things interesting with 3 spades to go with thxalot king of spades increasing his outs, but with no more spades and no kings the 5’s held up and thefrenchies took down first place and $5,400.

Get your piece of the action next Sunday!


$50,000 comes down to a coinflip!

And if you think thats great value, how good is the $50,000 monthly freeroll! Registration is open to any player who earns 5,000 comp points in a calendar month and it pays a massive 300 places! This month just over 2,000 players registered and took their shot at the $5,000 first place prize.

This months big winner was grubace, and he took it down in an absolute coin flip. After raising from the small blind he was re-raised by ujpester in an over the top move. grubace made the call and the players flipped up almost identical hands, it was upjesters A-8 of spades versus grubace’s A-9 clubs and spades. Two spades on the flop gave ujpester hope of a flush, but no other spades came and grubace’s 9 played.

To get in on this tourney just get busy at the tables and get those comp points up, as soon as you earn 5,000 comp points the door is open and you can take your shot at $50,000 worth of free cash.


Keep an eye on our tournament schedule, the Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed and the $50,000 monthly freeroll are just a couple of our regular tournaments, we are running regular WPT satellites and our WSOP satellites are just around the corner.

Get out your Sunday best, it’s NBC Heads Up!

Its nearly time again for one of my favorite tournaments in the year, NBC’s National Heads-Up Poker Championship.

Im an absolute sucker for heads up poker, and heads up action doesn’t get better than this.

Sixty-four of the world’s best poker players are set to converge on Caesars Palace Poker Room from March 1-4 for the event.

The tournament has a the single-elimination bracket-style format of college basketball tournaments. The players place in brackets will be chosen during a draw party held at PURE Nightclub Thursday, March 1st.

The single-elimination competition begins Friday morning, March 2 and continues through Sunday, March 4 when a two-out-of-three championship match will determine the winner.

Previous champions Ted Forrest and Phil Hellmuth are returning as is twice runner up Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson who will be hoping to ditch his tag of bridesmaid and take down the championship in its third year. They do say three’s a charm!

The full list of competitors isn’t quite complete, one last online qualifying spot is still open, that promotion will wrap up just before the event takes place.

Here is the list of everyone else:

Rene Angelil, Patrik Antonius, David Benyamine, Andy Bloch, Brad Booth, Humberto Brenes, Todd Brunson, Chad Brown, Johnny Chan, Don Cheadle, T.J. Cloutier, Allen Cunningham, Paul Darden, John D’Agostino, Annie Duke, Eli Elezra, Shannon Elizabeth, Antonio Esfandiari, Sam Farha, Chris Ferguson, Scott Fischman, Ted Forrest, Kristy Gazes, Jamie Gold, Barry Greenstein, Phil Gordon, Clonie Gowen, Joe Hachem, Gus Hansen, Jennifer Harman, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, John Juanda, Gabe Kaplan, Phil Laak, Howard Lederer, Nam Le, Tuan Le, Erick Lindgren, Jeff Madsen, Mike Matusow, Isabelle Mercier, John Michael, Michael Mizrachi, Chris Moneymaker, Carlos Mortensen, Yosh Nakano, Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen, Greg Raymer, Chip Reese, Vanessa Russo, Huck Seed, Erik Seidel, Shawn Sheikhan, Jeff Shulman, Gavin Smith, Jennifer Tilly, JC Tran, Marco Traniello, Cyndy Violette, David Williams and Steve Zolotow.

As usual its a who’s who of poker with a couple of celebrities thrown in for good measure. Shannon Elizabeth and Jen Tilly are practically poker pro’s now with the time they are spending at the felt, the surprise for me was Don Cheadle. I absolutely love his work as an actor, Rebound – The Earl Manigult Story is one of my favorites, but I must admit I haven’t seen his name mentioned in poker circles before.

No matter who plays its going to be a great event, heads up poker is such a great confrontational showpiece, and if we are lucky Ferguson will be runner up again and I can keep using my bridesmaid picture!

World toto sgp Poker Tour in Dispute with the Travel Channel

The parent company of the “World Poker Tour” has sued its outlet, the Travel Channel, for allegedly interfering with plans to develop a new poker series on ESPN.


WPT Enterprises Inc. sued the Travel Channel and its owner, Discovery Communications Inc., for alleged breach of contract and intentional interference. The case which was filed on Monday in the Los Angeles Superior Court, seeks unspecified damages and various court orders, including a declaration that WPT upheld its side of the contract, while the defendants breached their obligations.


Travel Channel toto sgp David Leavy said “We are planning to very vigorously and aggressively defend and protect our rights under the existing contracts,” Leavy said.


According to the suit, WPT had the right to develop other poker-related programming, provided it gave the Travel Channel the first opportunity to license the show and the last right to refusal.


WPT said it proposed such a show, “Professional Poker Tour,” in July 2004 but that negotiations with the defendants were not successful in the 60-day exclusive window.


WPT said it then shopped the show to other networks, including ESPN, which proposed to license the show September 12. That triggered a 15-day “last refusal” period for the defendants, who allegedly sent threatening letters to WPT and ESPN.


One such letter allegedly threatened ESPN with legal action because the Travel Channel said it already had licensed the show, something WPT denied.


Mobile Phone Gambling on the Increase


Gambling by mobile phone has increased rapidly, with the number of betting pages downloaded expected to approach three million this year, a rise of 367 per cent on 2004.


Mintel’s research found Britain’s mobile phone junkies are set to blow an astounding £740m on phone downloads this year alone, some eighteen times the £40m spent in 2002.


Ring-tones for phones account for a third of downloads. Arcade-style games are also popular (26%), as are screensavers and wallpaper (13%), and music (8%). But the biggest growth area has been in gambling, which now accounts for 9 per cent of all downloads.


Early Bird Nickels at BINGOGALA™


BINGOGALA™, the online bingo site, which many consider to be a cut above the rest, is always aiming to please as many players as possible, by offering a huge variety of games.


It currently offers online bingo, 3 Reel, 4 Reel and 5 reel slots as well as Pull Tabs and Video Poker.


Targeting players who prefer to be online and play in the mornings BINGOGALA™, will have on offer a great cash special, running for a limited period only.


From today, and until the end of September, and from 9:00 am – 11:00 am every day, there will be $50 cash prizes and a $2,500 Jackpot on Nickels cards.


As this great cash special will be running for a few days only, don’t delay. Go to: to check it out today.




High togel online Poker Review

Last week’s episode saw the end of a four-week series of shows where the poker playing, for the most part, left a lot to be desired in the eyes of most aficionados. Particularly after the great first 5 episodes and some of the great hands that were played. This week brought a new cast to the table, including High Stakes veterans Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Eli Elezra, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, “Silent” Mike togel online , along with newcomers Dario Minieri, David “Viffer” Peat and record executive Alan Meltzer.


Dwan raised the first hand to $3,000 with an 86o. Elezra, with A2dd and Meltzer, with K9cc, called.  The flop came 10-5-4 with two diamonds. Elezra bet $16,000, a slight over bet, Dwan raised to $46,200, and Elezra shoved. Dwan was forced to lay down his hand and Elezra made a bold early statement.


Dwan was right back in the next hand raising to $3,000 with 55. Doyle Brunson, who didn’t hear the raise being made, wanted to put in a raise with 67o, but ended up just calling.


The flop was 6-3-2, with two spades. Dwan bet $6,200 and Brunson called. The turn came Td bringing two flush draws and Dwan fired another bullet. He made it $16,400 into a $21,200 pot.  Brunson called again making the pot $54,000. The river brought a third diamond 8d and after both players checked, Brunson scooped the pot. I think Brunson wanted to show he wasn’t going to be pushed around by Dwan this time round.


In the next hand of note Peat open limped with Q9ss. Brunson completed in the small blind with 45cc and Minieri checked 95hh. The flop came Q-3-9 with two hearts. Brunson checked and Minieri bet $2,600. Peat, with top two, raised to $9,000. Brunson folded and Minieri re-raised to $23,500 with middle pair and a flush draw. Peat was only really behind to 33. He was pretty sure Minieri had either a naked flush draw and a pair and a flush draw so he 4bet the flop to $100,000 and Minieri folded after going in the tank. I think this was pretty standard spot and well played by both players.


On the next hand Peat open limped AKss. Meltzer followed suit with AJcc. Elezra had 83ss. Minieri completed with 73o and Laak checked big blind 74o.  The flop brought K-9-Q, with two clubs, flopping a massive draw for Meltzer. With a pot at $7,600, Peat bet $2,000 with top pair-top kicker.  Meltzer, with the draw, raised to $10,000 and Peat called. Everyone else folded. The 2h fell on the turn. Peat checked and Meltzer bet $25,000 into the $25,600 pot.  Peat called again and after the 6h fell on the river, both players checked. Peat won the $75,600 pot. Peat played the AKs pretty strangely and I think he may have been thinking about folding the turn. Iit would have been a tricky river decision if Meltzer had fired three barrels.


Next, Elezra raised to $4,000 with KK after Meltzer had limped with 97o. Minieri re-raised to $13,000 with A9hh. Elezra called Minieri’s raise after stating that he had not looked, leaving the pot at $29,600. The flop was 8-8-K; a nice flop for Elezra! He checked hoping to induce a bluff from Minieri, but he checked behind. The turn card came Qc. Elezra checked and Minieri took a stab at the pot with a bet of $14,500. Elezra called and the river came As. Elezra now bet $35,000, but Minieri made a good fold despite hitting his ace on the river.


In the final hand, Dwan raised to $6,000 with 73dd. Meltzer called with A3cc and so did Elezra with ATss. The flop came 8-4-A with two diamonds. Dwan bet his flush draw with $14,600.  Meltzer called, then Elezra raised to $45,000. Dwan called and Meltzer with the small kicker, was forced to fold.  The turn came Jh and didn’t change anything. Both players checked, leaving a $127,000 pot on the Ks river. Dwan, having missed his draw, bet $57,300, but Elezra called and won the $241,600 pot. I think Dwan could have easily scooped the pot if he bet more, like 80-120k+.


Crazy Bingo

Portugal soccer coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is crediting regular sessions of bingo for helping the national team develop team spirit ahead of the soccer Euro 2004 finals.


“The locker room atmosphere is very good,” he told a news conference, after the squad spent 12 days at a training camp in the central town of Obidos.


“A few days ago all the players had fun playing bingo. Today there will be another bingo with really good prizes.


“There is always a lot of craziness at these sessions, it helps create a really good environment.”


Scolari, who led Brazil to a record fifth world title in 2002, says Tottenham striker Helder Postiga has been one of the team’s most successful bingo players.


MGM Mirage Juggernaut Rolls On


LAS VEGAS – MGM Mirage, the world’s largest casino company, has made an offer of $4.85 billion in cash for the Mandalay Resort Group.


MGM Mirage would control about half the hotel rooms on the Las Vegas Strip if it manages to pull off the multibillion-dollar buyout, which includes assuming $2.8 billion in Mandalay debt.


MGM Mirage, as the world’s largest casino company, also would dominate the most lucrative gambling market in the world with 10 hotel-casinos bitcoin dice along the famous five-mile stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, including the immensely profitable Bellagio and Mandalay Bay resorts. It also would control about 40 percent of the slot machines and 44 percent of the gambling tables.


MGM Mirage would hold sway over Las Vegas if its purchase is successful, Deutsche Bank gambling analyst Andrew Zarnett said Monday.


MGM Mirage offered $68 a share, but analysts said negotiations and a possible bidding war could drive the price above $75 to $80 share.


Mandalay’s stock soared 10 percent on the news.


It’s not clear if merger rumors prompted the run-up in prices. Mandalay Resort Group announced record first-quarter earnings late Thursday thanks to its new tower at Mandalay Bay called THEhotel and a lucrative convention center that opened in 2003.


Mandalay said it’s evaluating the $7.65 billion offer, which was characterized by a source close to the talks as “friendly but unsolicited.” It has hired Merrill Lynch and the New York law firm of Cravath, Swaine & Moore as financial and legal advisers for the negotiations that began last week.


Odds on J Lo’s Divorce


According to a Reuters report, British bookmakers are offering odds of 3-1 that singer/actress Jennifer Lopez and her new husband Marc Anthony will divorce by the end of the year.


Lopez, 33, has already been through two marriages that lasted little more than a year.


She broke off an A-list celebrity engagement to actor Ben Affleck in January after the couple called off their wedding last September.


Anthony was granted a quickie divorce in the Dominican Republic a week ago from his wife of four years, a former Miss Universe.


London, 5 April 2001 – Jackpot Madness, portal Microgaming Jackpot Network (, telah melampaui rekor pembayaran jackpot total $26.000.000. Pencapaian penting yang tak tertandingi ini dengan tegas menempatkan Jackpot Madness sebagai tujuan jackpot progresif online nomor satu di dunia. Mendapatkan tempat pertama di pasar yang kompetitif adalah kemenangan yang mengesankan, karena sebuah laporan independen mengungkapkan bahwa saat ini ada sekitar 1.400 situs perjudian di Internet.

Portal ini menawarkan 5 permainan jackpot progresif, yang tertua dan paling populer adalah Cash Splash, yang diperkenalkan pada Oktober 1998. Popularitas permainan telah meningkat pesat dalam dua tahun terakhir dan Cash Splash sekarang tersedia di lebih dari 60 kasino online. Dua permainan slot progresif tambahan, WowPot dan LotsaLoot, ditambahkan ke portal April lalu dan segera menjadi hit besar, mengumpulkan jackpot besar dan membayar total lebih dari $2,5 Juta hingga saat ini. Ini diikuti pada bulan Agustus oleh dua permainan lagi, Supajax, video poker progresif unik dan Fruit Fiesta, slot progresif 25c yang populer. Dengan ribuan orang bermain secara bersamaan di seluruh Jackpot Madness Gaming Network, jackpot besar dimenangkan setidaknya sekali sehari.

Kemenangan penting yang mendorong Jackpot Madness melampaui angka $26 juta adalah jackpot luar biasa senilai $98.363.59 yang dimenangkan di Cash Splash oleh William H. di The Grand Hotel Casino ( pada 2 April.

“Setiap harapan yang kami miliki untuk portal telah terlampaui.” kata Marilyn Glazier, Direktur Hubungan Masyarakat Jackpot “Seiring dengan semakin banyak kasino yang bergabung dengan keluarga Jackpot Madness Togel Hongkong dan karena itu melipatgandakan ukuran jackpot, kami memberikan ratusan ribu dolar seminggu. Kami sangat senang dengan keberhasilan Program Lingkaran Pemenang Clicks to Riches, di mana kesaksian pribadi pemenang besar dipublikasikan di situs. Ini membuat lebih menarik bagi pemain kami yang berharga untuk dapat membaca wawancara nyata dengan orang-orang yang benar-benar berhasil memenangkan jackpot besar. Kami terus mengembangkan permainan dan sistem Link Alternatif Sbobet yang baru dan inovatif, serta berusaha untuk terus meningkatkan pengalaman bermain game online dan tetap menjadi yang terdepan dalam industri ini.”

Tentang Jackpot Madness:

Jackpot Madness, dijalankan oleh Jumbo Jackpots of Curacao, adalah jaringan progresif online terbesar di dunia. Semua jackpot yang dimenangkan di kasino yang menyediakan permainan ini ditawarkan melalui pembayaran tunai langsung penuh – satu-satunya permainan di Internet yang menawarkan manfaat ini. Tujuan dari portal ini adalah untuk menyediakan satu tujuan bagi para penggemar jackpot yang menawarkan berbagai pilihan progresif, yang menampilkan pembayaran yang sering dan jackpot yang memecahkan rekor. Total jackpot adalah “langsung” dan Jackpot Madness memberikan informasi yang terus diperbarui bersama dengan tautan ke lebih dari 70 kasino. Total pembayaran lebih dari $90.000.000 dan terus bertambah




Ulasan Kasino – Kasino Vegas Villa

Ulasan oleh Kathy Helms

Vegas Villa adalah Microgaming Casino dan 1 dari 5 milik Fortune Lounge Group of Casinos.

Dengan begitu banyak kasino online untuk dipilih, saya mencari layanan pelanggan yang hebat, pembayaran cepat, berbagai permainan, dan kasino yang menyenangkan dan tempat saya bisa bermain untuk sementara waktu di bankroll saya.

Vegas Villa memiliki semuanya.

Ada 46 game termasuk Keno dan 6 game progresif, Cash Splash, Wow Pot, Fruit Fiesta, Lotoloot, Treasure Nile, dan Supajax


4 Slot fitur memiliki putaran bonus yang menyenangkan termasuk Lucky Charmer, High Noon, Chiefs Fortune, dan Diamond Deal.

18 slot termasuk Belissimo, Fantastic 7’s, Double Magic, Jackpot Express, Reels Royce, Winning Wizards, Genies Gems, Jurassic Jackpot, Riverbelle Riches, Cool Bucks, Goblins Gold, Party Time, Fortune Cookie, Flying Ace, Zany Zebra, Crazy Chameleons, Harta Karun Totem, dan Crocs Gila.

Saya memainkan banyak slot termasuk favorit saya seperti Double Magic dan Fantastic 7’s. Mereka juga memiliki versi berbeda dari Double Magic yang disebut Riverbelle Riches yang menurut saya menyenangkan dan perubahan yang menyenangkan. Ini memiliki simbol liar yang menggandakan kemenangan Anda jika Data sgp Anda mendapatkan 1 simbol atau 4x jika Anda mendapatkan 2 simbol.

Dengan begitu banyak slot untuk dipilih, saya yakin Anda akan menemukan sesuatu yang Anda sukai.

Video Poker

Video Poker termasuk Jacks atau Better Power Poker (salah satu favorit saya di mana Anda bermain 4 tangan sekaligus), Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Deuces and Joker, Joker, Double Joker, Tens or Better, dan Louisiana Double.

Ini adalah kasino pertama yang pernah saya mainkan Jacks atau Better Power Poker dan saya terpikat. Saya memiliki uang saya $ 50 hingga $ 200 dalam waktu singkat dan itu sangat menyenangkan. Power Poker adalah gim video poker di mana Anda mendapatkan 4 tangan yang dibagikan kepada Anda dan Anda memainkan semuanya sekaligus. Jika Anda mendapatkan sesuatu yang bagus untuk Anda, Anda dapat menyimpannya di keempat tangan atau menggambar kartu yang berbeda untuk masing-masing tangan.

Permainan Meja

Permainan lainnya termasuk Blackjack (tabel 1), Blackjack (tabel 2), Blackjack multi-pemain (semuanya memiliki taruhan minimum $2), Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Cyberstud Poker, dan Sicbo.


Ketika saya pertama kali memasuki kasino itu penuh warna dengan suara yang menyenangkan dan sangat mudah dinavigasi. Ini memiliki fitur di mana Anda dapat mengunduh game baru sambil memainkan yang lain sehingga Anda tidak perlu menunggu untuk bermain.

Apa yang saya juga suka tentang Vegas Villa dan kasino Fortune Lounge lainnya adalah bonus dan promo bagus yang mereka miliki untuk pemain baru dan lama. Mereka juga memiliki program loyalitas yang baik yang membayar seminggu sekali dan biasanya ada promo bagus setiap minggu untuk pemain yang sudah ada.

Saat ini untuk pemain baru, Anda mendapatkan $10 GRATIS tanpa deposit dalam waktu 24 jam setelah mengunduh. Ditambah 30% pada deposit pertama Anda hingga $1000 (gratis $300).

Metode deposit perbankan adalah dengan Visa dan MasterCard, Firepay, PayPal (bonus 10%), dan Transfer Bank-Wire (ACH).

Metode cash-in adalah dengan transfer Bank Wire GRATIS ke penduduk AS (nilai tambah besar karena sebagian besar kasino mengenakan biaya untuk metode ini), Check, dan FirePay hingga jumlah yang Anda belanjakan.

Mereka juga memiliki kasino flash jika Anda tidak ingin mengunduh dan memainkan/memeriksa kas sehingga Anda dapat memeriksa setoran atau permainan Anda.

Dukungannya bagus. Mereka memiliki dukungan telepon 24/7 (plus besar lainnya) dan saya menemukan dukungan email juga sangat cepat.

Jadi tunggu apa lagi. Anda dapat mencobanya sekarang dengan $10 gratis tanpa deposit.


Tabrak Lari di Sbobet

Saya telah memperhatikan bahwa Anda merekomendasikan metode perjudian cepat, tabrak lari, kecuali tentu saja, Anda berada di jalur kemenangan dari surga. Bukankah menunggu kemenangan beruntun terjadi menjadi cara yang lebih baik untuk bermain? Gerald H.

Bagaimana Anda tahu kapan itu dimulai, Gerald? Alasan saya sangat merekomendasikan perjudian tabrak lari adalah bahwa permainan jangka pendek adalah tempat berkembang biaknya fluktuasi yang tidak biasa, di mana — secara singkat — hasil tampaknya menentang perintah probabilitas. Keuntungan built-in kasino mungkin tidak berdetak selama tugas singkat. Adalah keuntungan Anda untuk membuat garis waktu perjudian Anda sesingkat mungkin, dan inilah alasannya: keuntungan kasino cukup nyata, tetapi didasarkan pada pengoperasian “hukum rata-rata” dalam jangka waktu yang lama. (Di kasino Dunia Lama, ini bahkan disebut “hukum angka besar” — bukan nama yang buruk mengingat ribuan pemain bertaruh pada jutaan tangan, dari tahun ke tahun.)

Dengan mengekspos uang Anda untuk waktu yang lama, Anda pasti akan semakin dekat dengan kerugian bawaan yang telah disiapkan ahli statistik kasino untuk Anda. Singkatnya sesi perjudian adalah, oleh karena itu, senjata rahasia yang berguna untuk Anda. Itu tidak dijamin membuat Anda menang; namun sesi yang panjang dijamin akan membuat anda kalah.

Keunggulan kasino untuk mesin slot, dan dalam hal ini untuk semua permainan kasino, didasarkan pada uji coba jangka panjang. Kasino, buka 24 jam sehari, sambut dengan senyum lebar jutaan tangan blackjack dan tarikan pegangan. Dengan ribuan calon bermain slot, dadu, rolet, dan blackjack pada saat tertentu, dan dengan keuntungan matematis kasino di setiap salah satu dari mereka, kasino tidak bisa kalah, tetapi pemain yang memperpanjang eksposur bankroll mereka memberikan kasino sebuah kesempatan yang sama lebih besar untuk memakannya.

Intinya: Peluang terbaik Anda untuk menang Sbobet Daftar idn poker datang ketika Anda mempersingkat waktu bermain Anda, memanfaatkan penyimpangan menguntungkan dari hukum angka besar yang mungkin terjadi. Tentu saja, ketika Anda telah memenangkan seluruh kasino, maka Anda memilih sesi perjudian sepanjang malam. Sampai saat itu, kuasai metode perjudian tabrak lari.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya ingin tahu tentang bermain mesin slot multi-baris. Apakah setiap baris independen dari yang lain? Carrie G.

Mesin pembayaran tiga baris menawarkan opsi satu atau dua atau tiga koin. Koin pertama mengaktifkan garis tengah, yang kedua garis atas, dan yang ketiga bawah. Pembayar lima baris, yang biasa disebut mesin silang, menawarkan dua garis diagonal tambahan. Bermain di mesin tiga baris atau lima baris seperti bermain di tiga atau lima mesin terpisah sekaligus karena semua jalur dan pembayaran beroperasi secara independen.

Mark yang terhormat,

Dengan jackpot progresif dalam jutaan, mungkinkah pukulan besar pada mesin slot progresif dapat merusak kasino dan Anda tidak akan dibayar? Scott J.

Tidak ada tetesan air mata yang diperlukan untuk kasino, Scott, karena progresif nomor besar itu tidak akan menghabiskan sumber daya kas kasino atau pabrikan, yang berbagi dalam kewajiban pembayaran. Catat dengan cermat teks pada mesin: jackpot super itu dibayarkan selama periode 20 tahun, jadi hutang ini dan hasil Anda tersebar seiring waktu. Ketika jackpot akhirnya tercapai, produsen slot seperti IGT membeli T-Bills dengan tanggal jatuh tempo terhuyung-huyung yang nilainya jatuh tempo sesuai dengan jackpot.

Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Dia menyukai perjudian untuk kepentingannya sendiri, seperti para moralis menyukai kebajikan untuk kepentingannya sendiri.” – George Devol, di “Kanada” Bill Jones



Cashing in on Semua Situs Slot Mpo Caribbean Poker Jackpots

Progressive slots are a hot ticket these days, but the latest big casino win came courtesy of a progressive Caribbean Poker jackpot. WEEYUM won more than $200,000 on September 17 playing Caribbean Poker at The Sands of the Caribbean Online Casino.

Most people are familiar with progressive slots, but not everyone knows about Caribbean Poker. So we thought it would be a good idea to look at what it is and where to play.

Caribbean Poker is similar to Five Card Stud, but the player squares off against the dealer instead of other players. The game starts when the player antes in, and five cards are dealt to the player and the dealer. The dealer then turns over one card, and the player has to decide whether to call – and ante in again – or to surrender and lose the ante.

The game only continues if the dealer has an Ace-King or better. If the dealer doesn’t, the player wins back the ante but nothing more.

WEEYUM hit the jackpot with a Royal Flush – all clubs – and took home 100% of the jackpot. That turned out to be an amazing $208,059.25.

The current Caribbean Poker jackpot at Jackpot Mania is more than $105,000 and it’s growing steadily. Why is it so high already after WEEYUM’s big win? Because the jackpot starts at $100,000.

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U.S. Takes Step Toward Net Togel Hongkong Gambling Ban

Yesterday the U.S. House Judiciary subcommittee on crime voted to update the Wire Act of 1961, which bans interstate wagers, to apply to Internet gambling sites as well. The bill passed unanimously.

The updated bill would allow U.S. law enforcement agents to shut down sites found in violation, or stop credit-card payments to sites operating outside of the country. For example, law enforcement agents could instruct U.S. Internet service providers to take down links to gambling sites, or they could require online advertising firms to stop distributing ads for illegal online casinos.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte, the Virginia Republican who sponsored the bill, said this about the bill in a Reuters news article: “This legislation is badly needed because there are a great many offshore sites that are sucking billions of dollars from American households.”

The bill now moves to the full Judiciary Committee for consideration.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that the American Gaming Association (AGA) now opposes the Goodlatte bill. “We’re still opposed [to Internet gambling], but it doesn’t mean we’ll put our [approval] on any bill that opposes Internet gambling,” said AGA President Frank Fahrenkopf.

The AGA is considering whether to support an Togel Hongkong alternate bill that specifically bans the use of credit cards, checks or electronic transfers for the purpose of “unlawful Internet gambling.” will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as they happen.

How It Should Be: The Power to Remake Internet Gambling

The Almighty has decided that He needs someone to clean up the Internet gambling scene and He’s appointed me! How would things look if, for one week, Max had carte blanc to remake Internet gambling?

The First Day: Let’s bring some light to bear on this good guys, bad guys issue right off the top. It’s Regulation time! In order to level the playing field and make sure that there is some hard and fast accountability Internet casinos must now be licensed by recognized national regulatory boards — Isle of Man, etc. No exceptions! If a casino isn’t licensed and regulated then it’s basically a pirate casino and the player is on their own.

Universal regulation would be good for the players ’cause now they know who they can trust and they have the law to fall back on if they get screwed over. It’s good for the casinos because the regulatory process legitimizes them. Complaints from the casino operators about fees, etc? Forgettaboutit! We all know that properly run casinos make pots of money and the licensing, taxes, etc that the casinos have to bear are not going to significantly impact that. And of course it’s good for the regulatory jurisdictions because casinos pay taxes and licensing fees. Nuff said!

The Second Day: On this day I open the firmament and bring high speed Web access for all! The Internet can be a beautiful thing but at 56k it’ll take you a long time to see that. You may grow old in the process, very old.

56k is to the Internet what Tomb Raider is to a good sex life: it may seem good enough at the time but once you’ve left it behind you’ll know just how not good it really was!

The Third Day: Let’s get down to Earth: it’s time for audited, published slot machine payouts, like in Vegas. After all, when a Vegas casino like Harrah’s says their slot machine is 98% payback, that means something, no? And since we’ve got universal regulation it shouldn’t be a big deal to get this. Bravo! Things are starting to come together.

The Fourth Day: And now for a twinkle in every players eye, decent Customer Support! Friendly, prompt support, even on Payout days. After all, the casinos should be glad when the player wins and should be the first to offer congratulations. It’s a good thing for everyone! No more of this trying to make the player feel like a thief because they got lucky and won. Happiness, in. Stalling, excuses and bad attitudes, out!

The Fifth Day: These days it seems that casino software is replicating like the birds of the air and the fishes of the sea. Who needs 300 casinos running the same software, aside for the software licenser of course. Well, no more! A few casinos per vendor is plenty thanks.

And while we’re at it, what’s with forced software updates? When a player fires up their casino to play they do not want to sit there for 10 minutes waiting for an update that fails half the time anyway. No siree! Optional updates please and thank you. Even then the player should be able to decide when it happens.

On the other hand if the software people could set things so that it happens transparently to the player and rolls back in case the update fails that might be okay too. Hmmm, I don’t recommend anyone hold their breath over this just yet.

The Sixth Day: Spam is a nasty beast and no player should have to worry about getting deluged with rubbish just because they’ve signed up to play at a casino. “No Spam, Thanks” options should be mandatory and enforceable. Since casinos are all regulated it should probably be a licence requirement that player’s email remain private. Good idea!


On The Seventh Day the Big Guy rested. Shall we rest? No way! Max has made everything beautiful again! Let’s play!