High togel online Poker Review

Last week’s episode saw the end of a four-week series of shows where the poker playing, for the most part, left a lot to be desired in the eyes of most aficionados. Particularly after the great first 5 episodes and some of the great hands that were played. This week brought a new cast to the table, including High Stakes veterans Doyle Brunson, Phil Laak, Eli Elezra, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, “Silent” Mike togel online , along with newcomers Dario Minieri, David “Viffer” Peat and record executive Alan Meltzer.


Dwan raised the first hand to $3,000 with an 86o. Elezra, with A2dd and Meltzer, with K9cc, called.  The flop came 10-5-4 with two diamonds. Elezra bet $16,000, a slight over bet, Dwan raised to $46,200, and Elezra shoved. Dwan was forced to lay down his hand and Elezra made a bold early statement.


Dwan was right back in the next hand raising to $3,000 with 55. Doyle Brunson, who didn’t hear the raise being made, wanted to put in a raise with 67o, but ended up just calling.


The flop was 6-3-2, with two spades. Dwan bet $6,200 and Brunson called. The turn came Td bringing two flush draws and Dwan fired another bullet. He made it $16,400 into a $21,200 pot.  Brunson called again making the pot $54,000. The river brought a third diamond 8d and after both players checked, Brunson scooped the pot. I think Brunson wanted to show he wasn’t going to be pushed around by Dwan this time round.


In the next hand of note Peat open limped with Q9ss. Brunson completed in the small blind with 45cc and Minieri checked 95hh. The flop came Q-3-9 with two hearts. Brunson checked and Minieri bet $2,600. Peat, with top two, raised to $9,000. Brunson folded and Minieri re-raised to $23,500 with middle pair and a flush draw. Peat was only really behind to 33. He was pretty sure Minieri had either a naked flush draw and a pair and a flush draw so he 4bet the flop to $100,000 and Minieri folded after going in the tank. I think this was pretty standard spot and well played by both players.


On the next hand Peat open limped AKss. Meltzer followed suit with AJcc. Elezra had 83ss. Minieri completed with 73o and Laak checked big blind 74o.  The flop brought K-9-Q, with two clubs, flopping a massive draw for Meltzer. With a pot at $7,600, Peat bet $2,000 with top pair-top kicker.  Meltzer, with the draw, raised to $10,000 and Peat called. Everyone else folded. The 2h fell on the turn. Peat checked and Meltzer bet $25,000 into the $25,600 pot.  Peat called again and after the 6h fell on the river, both players checked. Peat won the $75,600 pot. Peat played the AKs pretty strangely and I think he may have been thinking about folding the turn. Iit would have been a tricky river decision if Meltzer had fired three barrels.


Next, Elezra raised to $4,000 with KK after Meltzer had limped with 97o. Minieri re-raised to $13,000 with A9hh. Elezra called Minieri’s raise after stating that he had not looked, leaving the pot at $29,600. The flop was 8-8-K; a nice flop for Elezra! He checked hoping to induce a bluff from Minieri, but he checked behind. The turn card came Qc. Elezra checked and Minieri took a stab at the pot with a bet of $14,500. Elezra called and the river came As. Elezra now bet $35,000, but Minieri made a good fold despite hitting his ace on the river.


In the final hand, Dwan raised to $6,000 with 73dd. Meltzer called with A3cc and so did Elezra with ATss. The flop came 8-4-A with two diamonds. Dwan bet his flush draw with $14,600.  Meltzer called, then Elezra raised to $45,000. Dwan called and Meltzer with the small kicker, was forced to fold.  The turn came Jh and didn’t change anything. Both players checked, leaving a $127,000 pot on the Ks river. Dwan, having missed his draw, bet $57,300, but Elezra called and won the $241,600 pot. I think Dwan could have easily scooped the pot if he bet more, like 80-120k+.