Hockey bettors on ice

Hockey has never been wagered heavily in Las Vegas, so this year’s cancelled season is having a predictable reaction. None.

“I didn’t lose any sleep over it,” said Lamarr Mitchell, race and sports manager at MGM Grand. “It’s too bad for the fans and the sport, but interest out here is very minimal. I would say perhaps no more than two percent of our total sports handle.”

Hockey, along with “other” sports such as golf, NASCAR, boxing and tennis, accounted for only $6.3 million in Nevada sports books last year, or 5.6 percent of the total win of $112 million.

Even with hockey betting, casinos won $6.5 million booking “other” sports in 2003, a paltry $200,000 more than last year.

“Obviously, hockey bettors – though loyal and probably the most knowledgeable of all situs poker pkv games fans – don’t account for much of the sports books’ bottom line,” said a shift supervisor at Green Valley Ranch Station.

Even at the Imperial Palace, which had weekly Wednesday night hockey specials, this year’s demise of the NHL and Stanley Cup has barely been a ripple in the water.

“Sure, it affected us more than most places,” said Mark Bornstein, Imperial Palace sports manager. “We would have bets each Wednesday on periods, raffle off items, the usual stuff. But, the NBA outweighs the NHL out there. If it was basketball, it would do far greater damage.”

Bornstein said he was surprised at how few comments pro or con he received about the NHL lockout, especially because of the large number of Canadian tourists that stay at the Imperial Palace.

“Hockey is Canada’s sport,” Bornstein said. “In the U.S., the NHL takes a back seat to the other three major sports (baseball, football, basketball).”

Mitchell agreed, noting that the publicity would be far greater if it was the NFL in a lockout.

“You would see ESPN all over the story every day and the national newspapers carrying it on the front page,” he said. “The hockey strike is back page material in terms of interest.”

Chuck Esposito, vice president of race and sports operations at Caesars Palace, said the loss of hockey betting was not hurting his book very much.

“As a fan, I miss it,” said Esposito. “But professionally, it hasn’t hurt us.”

Remembering the Qiu Qiu Terbaik Dynamic Duo

First published in 1980, “With Clough by Taylor” is a frank and fascinating insight into English football’s most famous managerial partnership and has just been reissued by Biteback Publishing.

To recall, Brian Clough & Peter Taylor took two provincial teams from the East Midlands, Derby County and Nottingham Forest, from the English Second Division to the heights of European football in the 1970’s, an unprecedented and unmatched achievement.

Remembering the Dynamic Duo

With Clough By Taylor

Both clubs became league champions under their tutelage, Derby reached the semi-finals of the European Cup and Forest won it twice.

The pair, who had played together at Middlesbrough, found their contrasting personalities formed an electrifying cocktail in management across five teams. Their partnership was possibly football’s finest, a famous male bonding commemorated in the film version of David Peace’s dark and wonderful novel ‘The Damned United’.

While Clough stole the limelight with his mesmerising personality and need to tell the world what he thought about everyone and everything, it was Taylor’s diligence in the shadows that was fuelling that famous chutzpah.

As his partner reveals, Clough had endured spells of serious self-doubt such as when his playing career was cut short by injury, or when he was sacked by Derby, Hartlepool and Leeds.

Clough was an expert at tying up transfers, often talking his way into Qiu Qiu Terbaik prospective players’ houses and befriending their parents, but Taylor had a hawk’s eye for spotting talent  in the first place, particularly ageing or overlooked players.

Their capture of 30-something Roy McFarland was instrumental in taking Derby to the top while they managed to turn a number of apparent journeymen at Forest into European champions.

Equally astute as their hiring was their firing – dismissing players at their peak before their transfer value dipped, a policy Taylor explains was the same as trading shares on the stock market.

He is disarmingly frank in his explanation of his methods, admitting the pair would tell new signings they would be moved on as soon as their form dipped and a better player became available. And yet they also forged great team spirits, as their results show.

Taylor put much stock in a player’s character and for him the most important football skill was being able to pass well under pressure.

His way of assessing players ultimately was quite similar to the Ajax TIPS system – measuring technique, intelligence, personality and speed. The Dutch giants, along with Barcelona, actually came calling for the pair, leaving us to only wonder how Cloughie would have dealt with Diego Maradona.

Forest ironically was the biggest job the most talented managerial duo ever had. Despite overwhelming public support, Clough (and presumably he would have brought his wing man) was passed over for the national team, so in the book Taylor relishes demolishing Ron Greenwood’s England selections.

Some of their methods are unthinkable today – Cloughie asking a difficult player to punch him, or the pair handing out beers on the bus to a big match to calm their nerves, but their results did the talking.

They were not perfect – Taylor admits to misjudging Asa Hartford and spurning the chance to sign a young Kevin Keegan, but their formula was mostly a winning one.

“The basic element is togetherness,” he explained. “We’re always picking up each other’s thoughts and finishing each other’s sentences – we’re a twosome speaking as one.”

What is also fascinating from the book is how different their characters were. Taylor explains how Clough needed company while he preferred solitude and how Clough was a monk pre-match and a talking head afterwards and he was the opposite.

As it happened, the apparently inseparable pair who had flourished together at five clubs finally fell out and did not speak for the last seven years of Taylor’s life.

Apparently Clough had no idea Taylor was writing this book and did not take kindly to it either. The pair parted definitively when Taylor, then Derby boss, signed a Forest player behind Clough’s back in 1983, causing Clough to denounce him as a snake in the press.

Football’s strongest partnership, the Achilles and Patroclus of the East Midlands in the 1970s, was suddenly no more and would never be again.

But nevertheless Taylor’s long-term football partner dedicated his autobiography, which is far less interesting a read by the way, to his old pal thus:

“To Peter, still miss you badly…You were right.”



World Soccer Qq Poker



Drogba investigated over coin throwing

Chelsea’s great run this season has come to a halt in the fourth round of the Carling Cup against Burnley. While the fans are likely to dismiss the penalty loss as a minor setback, Didier Drogba may find himself out of action should the FA find him guilty of unsportsmanlike conduct.

Drogba is investigated for an incident when he threw a coin back at the crowd. The Ivory Coast forward was pelted with coins from the visiting Qq Poker fans’ stand after scoring the (ultimately futile) opening goal. He must have thought the Burnley followers had spent too much money and he threw one

coin back to the crowd, garnering it with an obscene gesture.

Drogba received a yellow card and immediately apologized, saying “it was an incident in the heat of the moment (…) a mistake and nothing more”.

The apology should be enough for if indeed he is punished for the incident one has to wonder how much the players are expected to take from the hooligans who threaten them with injury by aiming solid objects at them.



Ruud van Nistelrooy says adiós to the season


Real Madrid’s Dutch striker Ruud van Nistelrooy will not be playing any more until next summer because of the surgery on his right knee proved to be more complex than expected.


Operated in the United States, Van Nistelrooy suffered a partially torn meniscus in a recent game against Juventus in the Champions’ League.

Last year Spanish top scorer will be sorely missed by Real Madrid, who are now relying on the young gun Gonzalo Higuaín and captain Raúl to provide most of the goals.


The Dutchman had already hurt that same knee in 2000 when he performed a clumsy move during a practice with PSV Eindhoven. He sustained an extensive ligament damage which ruled him out for ten months, but he returned in style and went on to enjoy a prosperous career with Manchester United.



Antonio Cassano in a scoring spree


At 26, Antonio Cassano is a true champion on the field, but under the sheets even more so. The controversial Italian international spoke openly of his eventful life to journalist Pierluigi Pardo, who penned Cassano’s biography called “Dico tutto” (I Say It All).

The book is bound to be a best-seller, since the Bari-born forward spoke of his turbulent childhood in the crime-ridden southern city and of his wonderful scoring streak since he became a professional footballer.

Scoring with women, that is.

Cassano admitted to having conquered between 600 and 700 girls, and we can forgive him for this approximation since it is must be hard to keep an accurate count after a while.

The fans only wish he had been nearly as prolific in front of goal and the confession will hardly amuse his current girlfriend, the 17-year-old waterpolo player Carolina Marcialis.

Antonio is also quoted as saying, “Sex and food – these are my two great passions, a perfect marriage.” At least the second part of this statement clearly shows on the size of his butt.



England to play in Spain next February


The friendly fixture between Spain and England is on after all, in spite of last month’s rumours emitted from the FA that the game would be cancelled due to Spain’s worrying racism record.

According to Marca daily, this week the Spanish FA (RFEF) received a conciliatory message from their English counterparts, confirming that a friendly would go on as planned on February 11th.

In October the FA alleged the February date was not suitable for them, making the Spaniards suspect England wanted to ditch the game altogether because of a number of racially coloured incidents that took place in their country.

Four years ago RFEF were fined by FIFA because of the infamous racist taunts against Ashley Cole, Wright-Phillips, Ferdinand, Jenas and Defoe.

In the meantime, the former national team coach Luis Aragonés alluded at Thierry Henry as a “black shit” and the Lewis Hamilton’s trips to Spain were also marred by insults.

Still, the FA now said there was a simple misunderstanding regarding the date, and that the fixture was never in question.

One of the major proponents of the friendly is Fabio Capello himself, who apparently lobbied with the FA leaders to go ahead with the game. The venue of the match is likely to be Valencia or Sevilla.



Corinthians back to the top flight at first attempt


Brazilian president’s favourite team, Corinthians of Sao Paulo, made sure of their return to the Brazileirao after one year in the second division.

With four matches remaining, Corinthians built a 13 points advantage over the second-placed Avai by beating Criciuma 2-0.

The Paulistas went down last year amidst the chaos that erupted over discoveries of corruption, match-fixing and money laundering.

Supported by a reported 13,2% of the Brazilian soccer fans, Corinthians won their last championship in 2005 thanks to Carlos Tévez and Javier Mascherano, whose signings were financed by the multinational investment fund MSI. The Brazilian Justice Department became interested in the MSI operations and issued an arrest warrant for the company’s chairman Kia Joorabchian, but last August the arrest warrant was suspended.



Real Madrid embarrassed in the Spanish Cup

Real Unión from the third division upset their somewhat more famous namesakes from Madrid by kicking them out in the fourth round of the King’s Cup.


The Basque team from the city of Irún went through on away goals rule by winning 3-2 at home and losing 3-4 in the return leg at Santiago Bernabeu.

The Spanish press has called the result the biggest disgrace in Real Madrid’s history, but the nine-times European champions had already been involved in a couple of resounding slip-ups in the domestic cup competition.


After winning their last Cup in 1993, Real lost to second and third division clubs on various occasions. In 1998, they were eliminated by Alavés, then in the Segunda División, also due to the away goals rule. Three years later, the surprise package was called Toledo, from the third division, who defeated Real by 1-0 in a single-leg tie of the the King’s Cup’s first round.


The following lower-league club to stun Madrid in the Cup were Valladolid in 2004/05, again thanks to having scored more away goals (0-0 at home and 1-1 at Bernabeu). Valladolid is incidentally Real’s next league rival and the word around Madrid is that coach Bernd Schuster may be sacked in case his team don’t win at the Zorrilla stadium next Saturday.


Poker Academy Texas Hold ’Em Poker Situs Slot Software



Poker Academy Texas Hold ’Em Poker Togel Singapore Software Receives Glowing Review by The Mac Observer Columnist Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus


Poker Academy, a leading poker software developer, today announced that in the March 11, 2005 issue of The Mac Observer, columnist Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus wrote a glowing review of Poker Academy software, stating, “In a nutshell, if you’re serious about learning to play Texas Hold ’Em, or to improve your game of Texas Hold ’Em, Poker Academy is the way to go.”


Poker Academy, a leading situs slot poker software developer, today announced that in the March 11, 2005 issue of The Mac Observer, columnist Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus wrote a glowing review of Poker Academy software, stating, “In a nutshell, if you’re serious about learning to play Texas Hold ’Em, or to improve your game of Texas Hold ’Em, Poker Academy is the way to go.” (For the full review, please visit


Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus is a long-time Macintosh user and the author of 47 computer books, including Mac OS X For Dummies, Panther Edition and GarageBand for Dummies.


In the review, LeVitus states that when he received Poker Academy Pro Texas Hold ’Em in the mail, which was part of a CD demo insert program launched by the Company in the March 2005 issue of Card Player Magazine, “I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it [Poker Academy pretty much lives up to its own hype: ‘The world’s most advanced poker software.’ Now I can’t speak for the Windows side of things (since I don’t do Windows anymore), but there’s little question in my mind that Poker Academy Pro is the most advanced poker program for Mac OS X I’ve seen to date.”


LeVitus goes on the support this statement by saying the program [Poker Academy software bases its logic on more than 10 years of artificial intelligence research performed at the University of Alberta. Then he references a quote in the June 2003 issue of the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada: “The artificial intelligence researchers have moved one step closer to creating an unbeatable computer poker program. An account of their most recent program, called PsOpti – for pseudo-optimal poker program – will receive the top paper award at the world’s premier AI meeting in August.”


LeVitus noted that unlike the mostly predictable opponents found in other poker software, Poker Academy Pro’s computerized opponents actually adjusted to his style of play. “My big raise trick worked two or three times before one of my computerized opponents came back at me with an even bigger re-raise,” he said.


Continued LeVitus, “My experience with other programs caused me to assume that the ‘bot’ had the goodies (and you know what happens when you assume…). I did the prudent thing and folded my hand. But then, when I peeked at his hole cards, I was shocked to find he had absolutely nothing. His hole cards were a pair of ‘rags’ (low cards), and they weren’t even rags of the same suit. In other words, the computerized opponent won a substantial pot with a very risky bluff. When a similar situation occurred a few hands later I thought I’d call his bluff. So I raised him back; a big mistake since he had ‘the nuts,’ (the best possible hand that can be made given the five common cards on the table). Grrrrr.”


LeVitus wrote that “Poker Academy Pro has many features not found in other poker games, including calculated-on-the-fly pot odds, hand strength and potential ratings, and a coach that advises you whether to call, raise or fold.”


LeVitus then took the review to another level of Togel Singapore by providing illustrations and commentary on his own personal experience playing Poker Academy Pro. He talked about the Hand Evaluator, a feature that provides much useful information as well as advice on your best course of action: fold, call, or raise. He highlighted an in-depth hand evaluator window that offers information about your hand’s strength, possible “outs” you could draw to, and more. He touched on the nearly dozen artificial intelligence engines or computer opponents in the game. Another feature LeVitus remarked favorably on was his love for the head-to-head showdown. “That lets you simulate the final throes of tournament play, and it gives you a showdown calculator to calculate the chance of winning with any given set of cards,” he stated.


Finally, LeVitus, leaving no stone unturned, provided a comprehensive feature list comparison between Poker Academy and Poker Academy Pro, which has a suggested retail price of $39 and $99 respectively. (Poker Academy provided the list and gave permission to The Mac Observer to use it in the review).


“This is the most comprehensive review of our poker software to date,” said Kurt Lange, president of Poker Academy. “We’re couldn’t be more pleased with what Bob had to say as well as to what lengths he went to show our many rich features to his loyal readers. We here at Poker Academy take great pride in our work in developing the world’s leading Texas Hold ’Em software and are passionate about taking anyone’s Texas Hold ’Em game to the next level, whether they work in a Mac or Windows environment.”


To read LeVitus’ full review and see the illustrations and feature list comparison, please visit .


About Poker Academy

Poker Academy is a leading poker software developer. The company develops the world’s most advanced Texas Hold’em poker learning tool, utilizing world renowned artificial intelligence developed over 10 years. Poker Academy software is designed to help player learn, adapt and improve their poker skills. Poker Academy includes No Limit, Limit and Tournament play along with many feature-rich components. Poker Academy is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, and has U.S. office in Minnetonka, MN.




Only tools and Pkv Poker horses



Looking back on it, marriage was probably a mistake. It’s not the compulsory reduction in alcohol consumption that I object to, or the fact that I have to endure television programmes with the word ‘vampire’ in the title, it’s the awful inane football related comments that plague my very existence. “He should be wearing gloves, it looks a bit chilly,” is a classic example, “Why is he getting so excited, it’s only a game,” is equally as Pkv Poker annoying and the often repeated “You don’t have to bet to enjoy the football,” led me to invest in a shovel.


As Liverpool edged out Chelsea last week, a sense of dread enveloped me as i saw her forehead wrinkle, indicating that a comment was imminent; “The Chelsea players shouldn’t be so upset, they’re going to win the league,” was the end result of her pondering, and incredibly, I had to concur. Jose’s collection of superstars just need a point against Man U to become only the 2nd team in the history of the Premiership to retain their title, but Jose will demand all three. The 11/10 on offer about a Chelsea victory should be hoovered up; their FA Cup heartache will soon be a distant memory.


The formbook would suggest that Tottenham have the beating of Bolton on Saturday, but I’m not so sure. Bolton have had the Indian sign over Spurs in recent seasons and go in to the match on a high after destroying Charlton last weekend. Even Martin Jol can see that Bolton look a little bit of value at 5/1.


If Spurs slip up, Arsenal will take full advantage at the Stadium of Light. Sunderland have been awful on the road, and strangely, even worse in front of their own supporters. Arsene has taken a few liberties with team selection in recent weeks, but he could play the under 11’s against Sunderland and still snatch a draw. Arsenal are short at 1/4, but good things come in small packages.


Like Jay Jay Okocha, Lua Lua is so good they named him twice. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, as anyone who’s seen Eric Djemba Djemba play will testify. A fit again Lua Lua holds the key to a Pompey victory at Wigan, he’s 13/2 to open the scoring. Portsmouth are a confident call at 8/5 to move a step closer to safety.


As West Ham have already qualified for the UEFA Cup, there’s a high probability that Alan Pardew may shuffle his pack away at West Brom; let’s hope it’s more pleasing to the eye than the previous Pardew shuffle, that was just wrong. There’s a 75% chance that the Baggies will already be relegated before the Mayday kick-off; if already down, the Albion are worth a small nibble at 6/5; if other results go their way, take a huge bite.


Interestingly, there’s never been a draw in five years of Premiership fixtures between Charlton and Blackburn; i use the word ‘interestingly’ in its loosest possible sense. As Charlton never win a match towards the end of a season and Blackburn are crawling to the Premiership finishing line, the long overdue draw looks a little bit big at 12/5.


Liverpool are the nap of the week at 4/9 at home to the Villa. The Pool are finishing the season like a train while Villa’s derby day victory is masking the worst run since Jade Goody’s marathon attempt. Peter Crouch, like me, should be ashamed of his misses over the last few months, but there is an unwritten law that ex Villa players always score against their former employers, Crouchy is 11/10 to prove the rule.




All-in-One Sportsbook, Online Gambling, Casino & Poker Site for France & UK
, a new G2-powered gambling site with sports betting, poker and casino games, has launched in French and English. The site features a complete range of entertainment, all with the convenience of one account and one wallet, as well as some unique and generous VIP rewards. players can play poker in the poker room that’s part of the largest independent European poker network, enjoy state-of-the-art casino games, and even place a bet on the ponies or footies without having to logon to separate accounts.


“We’ve come up with some great ways to reward our best players,” said John Benjamin of “Players are automatically enrolled in our VIP Club which gives cash bonuses based on reward points earned by wagering and depositing. And, every month, we‘ll award bonus cash to the winners of our Points Race – the top point-scorers in each casino game that month. is launching in both French and English. Customer Support staff fluent in both French and English will make sure that players are well taken care of.


“Both sites will offer the same wide selection of games and betting options,” said Benjamin. “But the French site will likely focus more on French horse racing while the British site will emphasize football wagers more.”


“We’ve assembled a management team with many years experience in igaming,” said Louis Harang, Director of LGH Ltd. which owns and operates “We’ve designed unique incentives for regular players, and we’ve chosen one of the most innovative and reputable software providers to make sure our players enjoy the best experience possible.”


“We congratulate our newest licensee on the launch of their site. They’ve got a very good selection from our games portfolio, including our most popular big progressive jackpot games like Aladdin’s Lamp and Fortunes of Egypt, and we’ll have lots of new games for them in coming months,” said Mery Blomqvist at GTECH G2. “I’m sure ChanceRoom players will appreciate the convenience of having one wallet for the sportsbook, casino and poker room.” is encouraging players to try their new site by offering some of the most generous deposit bonuses available anywhere. Casino players can receive up to 1200€ and poker players get a 200% bonus (up to 1000€). The sportsbook offers a 25€ First Bet Refund.


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Online Gambling is playing Santa this month and will be giving away $80,000 in special Christmas bonuses. All you have to do is play at the Surfboard Scoreboard. On January 11th, the top 20 players will receive bonuses from $200 – $500 each for a total of $7,000 in free bonus money. Surfing Santa Christmas Bonus details and Surfer Scoreboard (updated daily) are available at:

Until the big January draw, every Monday 150 selected players will be awarded a free bonus ranging from $20-$250. Players will be selected based on their Thursday through Sunday game-play performance. Every Thursday another 50 players selected based on their Monday through Wednesday game-play performance will get a $20-$150 bonus in their account. (General Intertops Casino Terms & Conditions for bonuses apply and are posted on the site.)


Intertops Casino is one of the world’s oldest and most trusted online casinos. The US-friendly online casino features more than 300 instant-play and download games including 3 and 5 reel slots, multi-hand video poker, and traditional casino favorites like Blackjack, Roulette and Keno. It hosts daily slots tournaments where players can play against other players on some of the site’s most popular slot machines such as Crystal Waters, Loose Caboose and Texan Tycoon. This month slots tournaments played on the Christmas-themed Naughty or Nice slot machine are bound to be popular.


Intertops Casino players that follow American major league sports can use their Intertops account to place bets on NFL, NBA and NHL games. One Intertops Sportsbook player will win a trip to Super Bowl XLV in Texas.



Report: FDA Needs To Regulate Tobacco and Zyn pouches



The Food and Drug Administration should regulate tobacco and develop a plan to reduce nicotine levels in cigarettes, a new report urged Thursday.


The report calls on Congress and the president to give FDA the authority to enforce standards for nicotine reduction and to regulate companies’ claims that their products reduce exposure or risk.


“We propose aggressive steps to end the tobacco problem – that is, to reduce tobacco use so substantially that it is no longer a significant public health problem. This report offers a blueprint for putting the nation on a course for achieving that goal over the next two decades,” said Richard J. Bonnie, director of the Institute of Law, Psychiatry and Public Policy at the University of Virginia School of Law. Bonnie was chairman of the committee that prepared the report.


“Unfortunately, cigarettes are one of the most dangerous consumer products ever marketed,” Bonnie said at a briefing.


The report notes that cigarettes are unique in that they contain carcinogens and other dangerous toxins and would be banned under federal law if these statutes did not expressly exempt tobacco.


A bill currently before Congress would give FDA authority to regulate tobacco, but the head of the agency has expressed skepticism.


Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach said that if the FDA reduced nicotine levels in cigarettes, people would change their smoking habits to maintain current levels of the addictive drug.


“We could find ourselves in the conundrum of having made a decision about nicotine only to have made the public health radically worse. And that is not the position FDA is in; we approve products that enhance health, not destroy it,” von Eschenbach said.


Cigarette maker Philip Morris USA has been supporting the legislation that would give FDA power to regulate the industry.


“FDA regulation creates a uniform set of federal standards for the manufacture and marketing of all tobacco products,” Michael E. Szymanczyk, chairman and chief executive officer of Philip Morris USA, said earlier this year.


In addition to requiring a cut in nicotine the institute – a branch of the National Academy of Sciences — called for higher taxes on tobacco, nationwide indoor smoking bans and other steps to reduce smoking.


Also on Thursday, the American Academy of Pediatrics called for the elimination of smoking from movies accessible to children and young people.


Cigarette smoking is largely a 20th-century development, the report noted. Prior to that Americans consumed tobacco primarily as chewing tobacco or cigars.


In 1900 adults smoked approximately 54 Zyn pouchesandcigarettes per year, the report said. By 1963 per capita consumption had risen to 4,345 cigarettes per year.


The report said that while smoking in the United States has declined by more than 50 percent since 1964, tobacco use still claims about 440,000 lives every year and secondhand smoke causes another 50,000 deaths annually. Smoking-related health costs are estimated at $89 billion a year.


The National Academy of Sciences is an independent organization chartered by Congress to advise the government on scientific matters. The report was sponsored by the American Legacy Foundation, the anti-smoking organization established in 1999 as part of the settlement between state attorneys general and the tobacco industry.



Neteller reveals full extent of Togel Singapore damage of withdrawing from the US



With a delayed first quarter trading statement released this afternoon, Neteller has revealed the full extent of the damage done by its withdrawal from the US.


After restructuring costs of over $12 million and other expenses, Neteller posted a pre-tax loss for the three months to March 2007 of $14 million compared to a profit of $16 million the year previously.


The company said it has undertaken a “major exercise to realign its cost base with anticipated revenues on a worldwide basis” and said it now employed 425 people worldwide.


It said it had cash balances after its recent $136 million settlement with the US authorities of $74.5 million.


Neteller has also announced its re-admittance to the Alternative Investment Market.


The statement shows that the active customer base outside of the US has fallen over two-thirds down to 99.575.


Group revenue for the first quarter, including a partial contribution from the US and a full quarter’s contribution form Canada (which the company also exited towards the end of the period) was $32.7 million from $71.8 million. This included approximately $14 million in US revenue. The company did not state how much of this was due to the now discontinued Canadian customers.


Operating income was $4.5 million or 13.6% of revenue.


One analyst was pessimistic over the company’s prospects, despite still being active in Europe. “Which parts of Europe are they going to be active in? (It) has had the living daylights scared out of it by the USAO. It won’t want to take any more risks.”


The analyst added that the market was different in Europe where online gaming customers tended to have much more faith in the operators than did their equivalents in the US. “There is a lot more trust.”


Neteller last week announced its deal with the UUS attorney’s office for the southern district of New York that saw it plead to certain chargers in exchange for the cash settlement of $136 million. This followed the guilty pleas on the part of founders and ex-directors Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre.


France Ordered To Change Online Casino Law


The European Commission has instructed the French Government to modify its draft law on online casino and gambling to allow foreign companies to operate in France or face legal action.


“Last week, we sent a detailed opinion to France concerning the draft law, which is aimed at prohibiting foreign gambling operators from coming to sell their services on the French market,” said Ton Van Lierop, Spokesman for the European Union.


The Commission said that the French draft Togel Singapore law violates article 49 of the European Union treaty concerning the free provision of services. Van Lierop said that the French have until August 24 to change their draft law or face the possibility of being taken to court.








A 94-year-old great-great-grandmother from Everett, Massachusetts is thinking about fixing her leaky roof and maybe taking a cruise to someplace warm and sunny now that she’s won $5.6 million in the state lottery, her great-granddaughter, Cynthia Smith, said yesterday.


Louise Outing, who has lived in the same house since she was a child and became the matriarch of a family that includes seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and three great-great-grandchildren, won the windfall after purchasing a Megabucks ticket at the nearby Fine Mart convenience store in Everett, Smith said.


The numbers were announced Sept. 4, and the odds were 1 in about 5.2 million, lottery officials said.


On Friday, Outing walked into state lottery offices in Braintree and claimed a check worth approximately $198,000 — the first of 20 years’ worth of payments, after taxes, she will collect. The staggeringly good fortune came her way after years of playing the lottery every day except Sunday, which she considers too holy for numbers games.


”It’s really unbelievable right now — it hasn’t really sunk in that she actually won,” said Smith, 34, who answered Outing’s phone yesterday. Outing, she said, was on a shopping trip, not to buy diamonds or a new car, but to pick up groceries, as she does every Saturday.


”We’re still waiting for someone to say ‘Smile, you’re on ‘Candid Camera,’ ” Smith said. The phone has been ringing off the hook, she said, with family and friends calling to confirm that it was indeed Outing’s diminutive figure and restrained smile they saw on the television news.


Before she retired decades ago, Smith said, Outing worked at Anthony’s Pier 4, a waterfront seafood restaurant popular for political fund-raisers and functions. When she learned of her winnings by watching television, her thoughts first turned to simple purchases, Smith said.


”Her house is leaking, and she needed it fixed,” Smith said. She is also contemplating a cruise, and most of all, providing for the well-being of her extended family in the later years of her life.


”Finally, she said, everybody can be set straight and she can go knowing that everybody can finally be set,” Smith said. ”She’s more relieved.”


If Outing doesn’t live to collect all her winnings, the remainder will go to her beneficiaries, lottery officials said.


”We’re thrilled for her,” said Joseph C. Sullivan, executive director of the state PKV lottery, who met Outing in the lottery office.


”She was, obviously, in terms of expressing her emotions, low-key. But over a period of time, it will sink in. We are equally happy someone who is like Louise was able to win a jackpot that size.”


Smith said she was planning to take Outing to dinner, in honor of her great-grandmother’s big win. ”She has outlived everybody. She has two first cousins left from her generation and everybody else is grands and great-grands,” Smith said. ”She’s the matriarch.”











Sports Betting, long the province of land based casinos and local independent operators, has grown into a multi billion dollar industry thanks to the Internet. Sports fans can now place bets online or via a toll free number on virtually any event they wish. Most online sports books allow you to wager on football (World or American style), Basketball, Hockey, Boxing, Horse Racing, Auto Racing and more.


Sports betting is enjoyed by hundreds of thousands visitors to Las Vegas each year. If you’ve never tried your hand at sports betting before, we hope that this introduction will help you get started in this unique and exciting gaming opportunity – sports betting.


Wide arrays of betting propositions are available to players. They vary from two dollar parlay cards to the legendary $100,000 bets accepted at some sports books under special arrangements. (The standard maximum bet limit is $5,000 at most books).


Sports betting, horse racing betting, and poker are the only venues of chance open to the gaming public in which the player is not in direct competition with the casinos (the house). In all other casino games (such as craps, keno, slot machines, baccarat, blackjack and roulette), the house has a statistical advantage. In sports betting, however, players can gain an edge on the house when they can identify games where the posted line does not accurately reflect the true odds for the game’s outcome. For more information on how to take advantage of this betting opportunity, see Section IV – Introduction to Handicapping for Beginners.


Many people find that placing bets on the outcome of a game greatly enhances their enjoyment in watching the game on television or listening to it on the radio. Most Las Vegas sports books have satellite hook-ups and big-screen TV’s broadcasting the numerous college and pro games being played across the country and they post frequent scoring updates on the progress of all games on which they are taking action.


Nevada is the only state in which general sports betting is legal. State laws and the gaming control board provide regulations to insure the integrity of all sports book activities. The gaming control board is always open to referee disputes and uphold honest gaming.


When you walk into a sports book, you will see a large “Board” listing all of the games available for betting, along with the lines and odds for each game. In some books this board is a huge electronic marvel, rivaling the most sophisticated reporting system of a large brokerage house. Other books maintain the board by hand, with displays that are similar to the ones seen in old movies involving “bookies.”


Sports books will only accept bets on those games, which have been posted on their board. These games are known as “board games.” Generally, all major league baseball, NFL, NBA and NHL games are “on the board,” whereas college games are limited to football and basketball match-ups being played by major Division I schools. Limited betting is available at some books on golf, tennis, car racing, and other miscellaneous sports.


Most sports books use the Official Nevada Rotation, supplied by the Official Nevada Sports Schedule. This rotation is a list of all the board games being played on a particular date along with starting times.


What’s Your Bet?


Straight Wagers

Also referred to as a “side”.

A straight wager is when you pick the team or person you believe is going to win.

The straight or side wager can be governed by a point spread, money line, or sometimes both depending on the sport.


Odds Line Bets

Unlike simple even odd wagers on the strict outcome of an event (i.e., you bet your friend $20.00 that the Lakers will win on Friday), professional sports bets include odds based upon the likely outcome. For example, if Mike Tyson is scheduled to box a lightly regarded contender, the line bet odds would reflect the challenge involved and pay out a much higher percentage to bettors on the “under dog.” The percentage paid is directly proportional to the chances of that particular fighter winning as seen by the sports book analysts.


So, if you bet $20.00 on Joe Paluka to win against Iron Mike you might receive TOGEL ONLINE odds as high as 100 to 1. This would mean your $20 would net you $2000.00 if Paluka was victorious.


The lure of high pay outs is what drives the sports betting industry. The occasional Buster Douglas or NY Jets championship that come along are what make sports bettors some of the most hardcore gamblers on the Internet.


Point Spread

Common in football, basketball, and some hockey (puck line) wagers. Basically if the number associated with your team is positive(+), then you add that number to your teams score. If the number associated with your team is negative(-), then you subtract that number from your team’s score. The side with the higher score after the points are added/subtracted is the winner.

All point spread bets are 11/10 or $11 to win $10, unless otherwise noted. For examples check out the individual sport you are interested in wagering on.



A parlay is two or more straight bets or totals combined into a single bet. For the parlay wager to win all of the individual parts of the parlay must win. You can mix different sports within the same parlay.


If all the teams within the Togel Online parlay win the parlay is a winner If one team within the parlay loses then the parlay is a losing wager. If a team within the parlay ties or if “NO ACTION” the parlay automatically is reduced by one.


A tie on a two team parlay becomes a straight bet.





* Action: A wager of any kind.

* Book: An establishment that accepts wagers on the outcome of horseracing and sporting events.

* Bookie: Person who takes clients bets.

* Bankroll: Your available gambling money.

* Beard: A friend, acquaintance or other contact who is used to place bets so that the bookmakers will not know the identity of the actual bettor. Many top handicappers and persons occupying sensitive positions use this method of wagering.

  • Buck: A $100 wager.

* Buy Points: Buy Points means that you can move the pointspread so that you give away less points with the favorite or get more points with the underdog, for both football and basketball. To do this you must pay an extra 10% for each ½ point you buy in your favor. For the NFL and NCAA football, you will pay an additional 15% to buy on or off of 3 points – also know as Key Points. And if you buy through 3 points, you will pay an additional 20%. NOTE: There are NO Key Points for basketball. You pay a flat 10% for each 1/2 point you buy. An example of how to buy off of 3 points: the Kansas City Chiefs (-3) are 3 point favorites. To buy 1/2 point and make them a 2.5 point favorite, you would need to lay $125 to win $100.

* Buy Point Table (Football Key Points):

Buy 1/2 point to 3




Buy 1/2 point off 3




Buy 1 point to 3




Buy 1 point off 3




Buy 1/2 point any other




Buy 1 point any other





* Canadian Line: A combination point line and moneyline in hockey.

* Chalk: The favored team.

* Chalk Player: Someone who usually only plays the favored teams. Rarely bets on underdogs. Also known as Favorite Freddie.

* Circle Game: A game in which the betting action is severely limited. Usually occurs in those games that feature key injuries, inclement weather, or unsubstantiated rumors regarding a team. Most bookies “circle” all Ivy League Games.

* Cover: To bet the spread by the required number of points. If such occurs you have “covered the spread”.