Free Blackjack Situs Judi Slot Tournament at Apuestas

Apuestas Casino ( was launched in late 2001 and has just introduced a ground breaking new feature.

The casino boasts a free BlackJack tournament available in Spanish and English starting on April 24th EST 9am. It is completely free and top prizes are on offer. Apuestas, designed by the Net Entertainment group, is committed to offering players superior features coupled with service that will be the key to its continuous growth. The casino is also bilingual in Spanish and English.

The Free tournament is sure to be a success. Players simply need to register at the casino. Progress can be followed in real-time whilst play is underway. To make the tournament even more exciting, the ranking of the players will be determined by whoever reaches the highest fun cash score!

Diego Fernandez, manager at Apuestas Casino is excited about the upcoming tournament: “This really is a tournament for everyone. We have an excellent casino and this new feature will surely please everyone. We all like to gamble, but not everyone can afford to compete at a high level, but with our new fun for free tournament everyone can join in the fun and still win fabulous prizes. The casino has also recently been revamped. It is an attractive place to visit and play.”

Fernandez also gave a small insight into which direction the casino will follow: “We offer a monthly deposit bonus of 30%. From know on I think visitors to the casino will find a place where something is always happening. We aim to make players wishes our top priority”

The Free Internet BlackJack Tournament runs until May 1st EST 11pm.

Omni Casino Launches No-Download Java Games

ANTIGUA, St. John’s – As if the speed of the Internet wasn’t fast enough already, Omni Casino just made it faster. After much anticipation, Omni Casino has just unveiled a full suite of no download Java games.

With 28 exciting games available, players can now play in the most trusted online Togel Singapore casino, from any browser in the world, without having to download and install any software. This is a tremendous advantage for players on slower dial up connections, who can now play instantly and securely from any machine in the world.

The graphics and sounds were built with the latest compression technology, which gives you the feeling you are really sitting at a land-based casino. The response from the beta tests by existing Omni Casino players was a very enthusiastic thumb’s up.

“Omni Casino is very pleased and excited with the comments from our loyal customers who have been evaluating the new java games during the past few weeks,” reports Thalia Parker, Omni Casino’s Public Relations Officer. “If these games can please the avid online casino customer, the general public will be blown away.”

The single best advantage that Omni Casino’s java games have over the competition is that they are linked to the highest progressive jackpots on the Internet, which have a reset value of $100,000.

Omni Casino is a leading provider of online casino gambling, licensed and located in St. John’s, Antigua. Since 1997, Omni Casino has provided customers with the most exciting and rewarding gaming experience on the net. While handling over a quarter of a billion dollars in wagers per year, Omni Casino still maintains a personalized level of support, unmatched in the industry. For more information on Omni Casino, visit their Web site.

Neteller reveals full extent of Togel Singapore damage of withdrawing from the US



With a delayed first quarter trading statement released this afternoon, Neteller has revealed the full extent of the damage done by its withdrawal from the US.


After restructuring costs of over $12 million and other expenses, Neteller posted a pre-tax loss for the three months to March 2007 of $14 million compared to a profit of $16 million the year previously.


The company said it has undertaken a “major exercise to realign its cost base with anticipated revenues on a worldwide basis” and said it now employed 425 people worldwide.


It said it had cash balances after its recent $136 million settlement with the US authorities of $74.5 million.


Neteller has also announced its re-admittance to the Alternative Investment Market.


The statement shows that the active customer base outside of the US has fallen over two-thirds down to 99.575.


Group revenue for the first quarter, including a partial contribution from the US and a full quarter’s contribution form Canada (which the company also exited towards the end of the period) was $32.7 million from $71.8 million. This included approximately $14 million in US revenue. The company did not state how much of this was due to the now discontinued Canadian customers.


Operating income was $4.5 million or 13.6% of revenue.


One analyst was pessimistic over the company’s prospects, despite still being active in Europe. “Which parts of Europe are they going to be active in? (It) has had the living daylights scared out of it by the USAO. It won’t want to take any more risks.”


The analyst added that the market was different in Europe where online gaming customers tended to have much more faith in the operators than did their equivalents in the US. “There is a lot more trust.”


Neteller last week announced its deal with the UUS attorney’s office for the southern district of New York that saw it plead to certain chargers in exchange for the cash settlement of $136 million. This followed the guilty pleas on the part of founders and ex-directors Stephen Lawrence and John Lefebvre.


France Ordered To Change Online Casino Law


The European Commission has instructed the French Government to modify its draft law on online casino and gambling to allow foreign companies to operate in France or face legal action.


“Last week, we sent a detailed opinion to France concerning the draft law, which is aimed at prohibiting foreign gambling operators from coming to sell their services on the French market,” said Ton Van Lierop, Spokesman for the European Union.


The Commission said that the French draft Togel Singapore law violates article 49 of the European Union treaty concerning the free provision of services. Van Lierop said that the French have until August 24 to change their draft law or face the possibility of being taken to court.





Bagaimana Menjadi Kaya Togel Singapore Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia



Saya Ingin Menjadi Kaya Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia? Tanya Bagaimana Caranya!

Anda mungkin sering bertanya, bisakah saya menjadi kaya melalui taruhan bola di agen bola Indonesia? Sayangnya taruhan bola tidak bisa membuat Anda kaya dengan cepat. Tetapi kami akan memberikan panduan yang bisa membuat taruhan Anda memiliki persentase kemenangan yang lebih tinggi.


Target Kemenangan Sebelum Bermain Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia

Sebelum Anda ingin menjadi kaya melalui Agen Bola Indonesia, ada baiknya jika Anda membuat target kemenangan terlebih dahulu, bisa per dua minggu atau per satu bulan.

Target ini dibuat untuk menjadi motivasi Anda tiap bulannya dalam bermain. Apakah Anda bisa mencapai target tersebut atau tidak


Modal dan Manajemen Keuangan Anda Saat Mendaftarkan Diri Di Agen Bola Indonesia

Benar, ingatlah untuk memiliki modal dari dana Anda sendiri, bukan melalui pinjaman atau dana investasi orang lain sehingga jika Anda tidak mencapai target kemenangan, Anda tidak perlu khawatir lagi akan pengembalian dana yang Anda pinjam. Dan jangan lupa untuk mengatur keuangan Anda secara baik. Seperti saat Anda membuka usaha, dana yang masuk dan keluar harus ada catatannya supaya bisa dipelajari dan diingat kembali.


Pelajari peraturan dan jenis permainannya

Jangan lupa jika anda ingin menjadi kaya melalui Agen Bola Indonesia, Anda juga harus ahli dalam bidang taruhan tersebut, seperti mempelajari peraturan pertandingan yang ada dan juga jenis-jenis permainan yang tersedia oleh agen bola Indonesia tersebut.

Jika ada hal yang kurang dipahami Anda bisa selalu bertanya ke agen bola Indonesia seperti agen bola homebet88 yang akan senantiasa melayani Anda dalam 24 jam.


Pentingnya pengetahuan atas nilai taruhan

Di tiap pertandingan akan tersedia odd-odd yang akan berubah setiap saat. Anda harus jeli dalam melihat perubahan odd-odd tersebut. Apakah memang sesuai dengan perkiraan Anda atau tidak. Jika tidak sesuai, Anda harus mencari info lainnya lagi sebelum Anda melakukan taruhan di Agen Bola Indonesia.


Pelajari target liga yang ingin Anda mainkan

Ada banyaknya liga dan partai-partai yang telah disediakan oleh Agen Bola Indonesia, untuk awalnya kami sangat sarankan untuk hanya bermain di 1 liga saja. Pelajarilah liga tersebut dan juga carilah informasi-informasi yang terkait akan tim yang akan bertanding.


Disiplin, sabar dan jangan emosi

Kebanyakan orang bisa karena terbiasa, perbanyak latihan Anda dalam mencari informasi dan cara bermain yang akan Anda lakukan. Dalam taruhan bola di agen bola Indonesia Anda harus disiplin, sabar dan jangan terlalu cepat emosi. Anggaplah Anda sedang bermain saham ataupun forex, dimana hal ini juga tidak terlalu berbeda dengan taruhan bola. Bersabarlah karena hal ini harus dilakukan dalam jangka panjang seperti Anda sedang melakukan investasi jangka panjang.


Jangan bertaruh sewaktu Anda sedang mabuk Togel Singapore ataupun letih

Ini dapat dipastikan Anda akan kalah. Ingatlah, setelah Anda melakukan taruhan di agen bola Indonesia maka taruhan tersebut tidak dapat dibatalkan lagi. Anda harus jeli dan fokus sewaktu melakukan taruhan agar tidak terjadi kesalahan dan biasanya kesalahan yang terjadi adalah kesalahan fatal yang tidak bisa diperbaiki lagi.


Carilah agen bola Indonesia yang tepat

Jika Anda belum menjadi member maka kami sarankan untuk segera mendaftarkan diri. Karena agen bola Indonesia tersebut merupakan agen bola yang handal dan jujur kepada member-membernya. Adapun fasilitas tersedia yang menguntungkan untuk Anda adalah adanya prediksi yang akan diberikan secara cuma-cuma kepada Anda. Anda bisa mendapatkan informasi secara cepat melalui prediksi yang diberikan dan bisa segera Anda bandingkan dengan informasi yang Anda cari.


Bagaimana Menjadi Kaya Melalui Agen Bola Indonesia


Ingatlah yang paling penting adalah jangan melakukan taruhan melebihi dana yang Anda sediakan. Setiap permainan tetap akan ada kalah menangnya, seperti investasi saham dan forex yang tidak akan selalu menang setiap harinya. Bersabarlah, tetap belajar dan kesuksesan akan datang kepada Anda tanpa Anda sadari.

Do They Package Your Preferred Gamings?


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