Web 2.0 isn’t for every company

Mouse In the race to jump onto the Web 2.0 bandwagon many companies are not considering whether social networking is actually relevant to their communications strategy, a recent CIO Update article argues.

The story suggests that facilitating user generated Web 2.0 content is already a hackneyed and meaningless pursuit as “everyone from spammers to a dental company’s toothbrush now have a MySpace page”.

It’s claimed sites that rely on user contributions can actually dilute the power of a brand as customers are often not the best or most reliable spokespeople for a product.

Telstra’s Web 2.0 site now we are talking is a case in point for this argument.

The website made headlines for all the wrong reasons recently when an overwhelming number of consumers expressed negative views about the telco with regard to broadband speeds.

An end to Casual Friday?

Shirts Casual Fridays are a nightmare for men, a recent opinion piece in The Age argues, as many struggle when deciding if an outfit is adequately ‘casual’.

The root of the problem for the author is having to look cool: “Many workers, wrestling with the initiative squirmed at their desks while their equally confused colleagues nervously compared frayed jeans, scuffed sneakers and faded rugby tops”.

By comparison it is suggested that throwing on a suit, white or blue shirt and an inoffensive tie is a much more relaxed way for a bloke to spend the end of the working week.

The author goes so far as to say that the Casual Friday trend is now dead and buried with most companies deciding that employees should reflect a formal image five days a week.

Ineffective project management common in US: study

Project A US study has found just 35 per cent of senior HR and training executives believe their organisation effectively manages corporate projects.

In other findings, 40 per cent of respondents stated that their company ‘sometimes’ fails to meet deadlines and budgets; 25 per cent said problems occurred frequently.

The report indicates ineffective project management generally occurs due to inadequate resources and a lack of guidelines.

Experts believe companies can improve performance in the area by ensuring adequate training is provided and project management principles are established. Are you a BIG lover of 2023 Nude Calendars , find a big collection of Calendar here.

London is calling our top execs

London Australia is facing a ‘brain drain’ in the property sector with executives being lured overseas to fill positions in Europe’s growing property trust markets.

The Australian reports that London is the latest city sending head-hunters our way in an effort to entice up to 20 property executives to work in the UK.

And the demand for Australian property experts doesn’t like dissipating any time soon; a number of European nations are currently in the process of passing legislation to allow listed property trusts.

Could this lead to a mass exodus?

Commentators suggest that once an Australian CEO or senior executive is appointed they often attract colleagues who they have worked with back home to join them overseas.